Passive 3D glasses by Oskav are made to precision optical standards

Cult 3D glasses by Oskav

The structure of our passive 3D glasses lenses

It takes no fewer than 10 composite layers to construct each circular polarised lens in a pair of passive 3D glasses by Oskav. Each layer plays its part in tricking 3D movie audiences' or passive 3D TV viewers' minds into perceiving that it is seeing 3D. These layers give designer passive 3D glasses by Oskav lenses a sunglass quality look and feel without affecting the all-day comfort of our lightweight designer frames.

Designer 3D glasses by Oskav are compatible with 3D cinema and most passive 3D TVs, including LG Cinema 3D, Panasonic Smart VIERA 3D, Toshiba 3D, Philips Easy 3D, Cello 3D, Finlux 3D, Bush 3D, Manta 3D and Vizio Theatre 3D.

Oskav Designer 3D glasses specifications and Noir 3D glasses

The critical thickness of Oskav passive 3D lenses

All polarising filters increase colour saturation and decrease reflections in the process of creating the 3D effect, whether you are watching 3D movie or passive 3D TV, but the increased density of Oskav 3D glasses' passive lenses is designed to enhance product quality and durability without compromising affordability.

Oskav Designer 3D glasses specifications and Cult 3D glasses

The dynamic optical properties of each passive 3D glasses lens

The physical properties of designer passive 3D glasses by Oskav are focused on providing the best possible optical experience both in the darker confines of a 3D film setting and the variable lighting conditions of home passive 3D TV viewing and 3D events such as Sky 3D football in the local pub.

Oskav Designer 3D glasses specifications and model wearing cult 3D glasses by Oskav

*The length of protection film is not within the effective thickness.

The comfort fit of our designer 3D glasses frames

To ensure a comfortable fit and an enjoyable viewing experience, during 3D movies and passive 3D TV shows, designer 3D glasses by Oskav are built to internationally recognised ergonomic unisex dimensions. This ergonmic Three-Point Fit system holds lenses in precise optical alignment. It's the same system that makes expensive designer sunglasses so comfortable to wear over long periods of time.

Male and female models wearing Oskav designer 3D glasses looking at specification information

The practical durability of lenses in our passive 3D glasses

Even without the free pouch, all designer passive 3D glasses by Oskav are designed to provide outstanding 3D experiences night after night at optimal performance levels both for 3D movies and in front of the 3D TV. Unlike the passive 3D glasses you have seen in 3D cinemas, designer 3D glasses by Oskav are built to last.

Model wearing Noir 3D glasses by Oskav and specification information